General Passion for Self-Taught Engineering

Jonathan Weinberger
4 min readNov 9, 2020
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It’s been a minute…With our state-funded programming taking flight and trying to onboard nearly 50+ people…it’s a busy time for GameDevHQ.

Something I’m always working on behind the scenes at GameDevHQ is course development. If you’re familiar with GameDevHQ, you know my passion is helping people learn to code by making video games and using that knowledge to go beyond gaming.

At the core of everything I do, I focus on the self-taught mindset. I’m proof, and thousands of my students are proof that you can learn to become an engineer without a traditional college education. Check out my first article on how I became a self-taught software engineer & game developer.

This article is about an exciting adventure beyond coding that I’m hoping to bring to life by collaborating with a brilliant engineer who knows so much more about electrical engineering than I do. I know I have a shit ton to learn before I can teach embedded systems confidently.

Just check out this dude.

See, for years I have only ever done Unity & C#. I obsessed over it. I still obsess over it and strive to always be the best. I believe it’s the only way a self-taught individual can make it in the engineering field professionally — is they have to be really passionate.

Lately, I’m discovering I have a ton of interest in engineering beyond just coding…, specifically in regards to embedded systems. I’ve always been fascinated with how software & hardware connect. Years ago, before joining the casino industry, I built minor electronic programs using an Arduino. It was my first look into the world of embedded systems. I even went as far as to work on a Unity Arcade Machine using the Arduino as the controller. Today, I would do it differently, using one of the widely available USB encoders, but that’s an article for a different day.

I’ve recently invested hundreds of dollars into sensors, parts, Ardunio’s, raspberry pi’s, and various encoders because I’m interested in pushing my…

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