Do this 1 thing…and you’ll land your dream job in the games industry.

Jonathan Weinberger
6 min readOct 22, 2020

Hi again,

I’ve been really enjoying my time here on Medium. Today, I’m not here to rant or hurt your feelings about the traditional college system. What I said about how the CS degree is worthless is behind us. If you’re new to my articles, you might want to get to know me so you understand why I’m someone you should absolutely follow and pay close attention to. I wrote an article about becoming a self-taught game developer and software engineer, and it’s well worth a read.

Today I’m going to tell you exactly how my students get jobs…

Over the years, I’ve had the amazing privilege and experience of helping my students land jobs from every industry imaginable. From film to Automotive to Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Simulation, AI, and so many more.

But the most popular form of work that my students are seeking is within the games industry. Now, I have an article in mind for later that will walk you through how your skillset as a Unity developer goes so far beyond just gaming, so make sure to give me a few claps and a follow to be notified when that comes out. Because, believe it or not, your skillset as a software engineer and Unity Developer is collectively worth about a trillion dollars (I can prove it). But that’s for another article :)

Unity Editor (Game Engine)

We’re focused on what you can do TODAY to get your dream job in the games industry. The games industry is an incredible world filled with creative jaw-dropping content, developed by individuals who carry immense passion and drive who share a common goal to deliver a profound experience one can only find through the medium of video games.

So what’s the secret? This secret is to be discoverable. Sounds fucking basic yeah? The market right now has over 1.5M active unity developers. Do you know where they are? You can be an incredible programmer, built a dozen games, released your own indie title on Steam, and it absolutely means nothing if I can’t find you…

So how do you get discovered? And what can you do to ensure your success in this industry? Let’s take a look at some real student examples of mine who are actually working in the GAMES industry.

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